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Katwijks Museum - Museum showcasing the history of Katwijk as an artists' village.
Stoomtrein Katwijk-Leiden - Open-air museum featuring a 100-year-old steam locomotive.
Museum Oud Rijnsburg - Museum dedicated to the history of Rijnsburg.
Bezoekerscentrum vliegveld Valkenburg - Exhibition on the history of the airport.
Torenmuseum Valkenburg - Exhibition featuring Roman heritage.
Het Spinozahuis - Museum depicting the life of philosopher Spinoza.
DUNAatelier - Location where the Kunstvereeniging Katwijk Foundation presents rotating exhibitions.
TheaterHangaar - Old aircraft hangar where the musical "Soldaat van Oranje" is performed.
Hangaar2 - Event venue for conferences and trade shows, among other events.
TriPodia - Multifunctional events center.
Andreaskerk - Historic monument dating back to 1460.
Vuurbaak - Second oldest lighthouse building in the Netherlands.
Nieuwe Kerk - Church built in 1860.
Soefitempel - Temple of Universal Sufism. Venue for events and concerts.
Dorpskerk - Church dating back to 1231.
Molen de Geregtigheid - Windmill from 1740, open to the public.
Mausoleum Rijnsburg - Memorial point.
Kalkoven - Last lime kiln in South Holland.
Panbos - Walking and playing forest.
Vlaggeduin (Highest point in South Holland) - Highest natural point in South Holland.
Uitwatering (Limes starting and ending point) - Starting and ending point of the Roman Empire border, the Limes.
Natuurcentrum Katwijk - Organization dedicated to nature in and around Katwijk.
Valkenburgse Meer - Recreation lake and sand extraction location.
Zwembad Aquamar - Swimming pool.
Strandcamping Zuidduinen - Camping located in a protected natural area.
Molecaten Park Noordduinen - Camping situated in the northern dunes of Katwijk.
Vakantiepark Koningshof - Luxury holiday park with indoor and outdoor swimming pools.