Sufi Temple

The Sufi Temple is situated south of the promenade of Katwijk, on the edge of the dunes. The temple is called Universal Murad Hassil and was built in 1969. The Sufi Temple is unique; it is the only Universal Sufism temple in the world.

Services are regularly held here on Sundays. In addition, numerous activities take place in the temple, such as reflection meetings, study evenings and other activities aimed at personal growth, servitude or reflection. K&O Katwijk also regularly organises musical performances in the big hall.

Universal Sufism
As a religious movement, Sufism is characterised by an interaction of religious and spiritual influences. It offers methods to achieve ideals. The central focus is on the freedom to find your own way. Universal Sufism does not aim to be a new religion but wants to provide a meeting place for all people who, irrespective of their faith, race or class, long for love, harmony and beauty.

The temple
The temple has a square shape, with a gold coloured cupola on the roof. The square represents stability and strength. The cupola, which allows daylight to pass through, symbolises the human heart which, directed to heaven, is open to receiving divine light. The hall in the temple is thirteen metres by thirteen metres and can accommodate approximately 120 visitors.