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Guided tours

Choose one of the guided tours on this page or visit or contact the Tourist Information Centre VVV Katwijk for more information about guided tours.

Cultural-historical guided tour through Katwijk

Leo Roosjen and/or Marian Krijgsman will guide you through Katwijk and the Boulevard by the sea. During this 1.5 hour tour you will learn more about the Romans, emperor Louis Napoléon, the 'Andreas church', monuments and more about historical facts. Costs: 7,50, including coffee/tea at Grand Café De Koningin, a private tour is available for 40,- euros. Contact Tourist Information Centre VVV Katwijk to book a tour. 

1.5-hour guided walk through Katwijk

Mr Roosjen can guide you on a 1.5-hour walk through Katwijk. The tour can be changed to suit the interests of the participants. The minimum number of participants is four, at a fee of € 5.00 per person. The maximum group size is twenty people, at a fee of € 60.00 per group. Please contact Mr Roosjen via the following email address:

Do-it-yourself tour

The do-it-yourself tour of the Katwijk Coastal Works project will guide you as you stroll through the dunes and along the beach at the Katwijk boulevard: the location where the Katwijk Coastal Works project was constructed between October 2013 and April 2015. Download the tour for free, click here.