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Nature and dunes

Katwijk is the ideal destination for enthusiasts of nature. The area has got dunes, coastline, sand beaches and typical Dutch polders. Besides that Katwijk is situated in Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen (National Protected Nature Area Hollandse Dunes). The nature in and around Katwijk is impressive, variable and beautiful! 

Activities in nature

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen

Katwijk and the dunes are part of National Park Hollandse Duinen. This unique landscape was created as a result of rising sea levels over 5000 years ago. The park covers an area of around 450 km2 and has got 47 kilometres of beach, picturesque villages like Katwijk, bulb fields, stately parklands and many museums and historic buildings. The park provides a coastal defence, drinking water, and, importantly, biodiversity. There are magnificent and many cycling and hiking routes, discover Hollandse Duinen yourself!