Ample parking facilities in Katwijk!

Paid parking in the streets (€ 3,- per hour)
Paid parking applies in the parking zones in the centre and along the seafront, every day from 09.00 - 21.00 hrs. at:
• The Boulevard.
• All other streets with paid parking. 

• Parking areas 'De Noordduinen' and 'De Zuidduinen': € 1,80 per hour (from Oct-Mar the first two hours of parking are free of charge). All-day tickets can be purchased for € 10,- at the ticket machines.

Holders of a parking permit for disabled are allowed to park on the road free of charge throughout the municipality.

Public car parks (€ 1,80 per hour, € 10 per day. From 21:00 - 09:00 hrs you pay € 1,80. From Oct-Mar the first two hours of parking are free of charge.)
Parking in a public car park is recommended. It is cheaper than parking on the road, there is security and your vehicle is protected from the elements: nice and cool in the summer, ice free and dry in the winter. The car parks are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You pay upon leaving. At Princehaven car park (near Albert Heijn supermarket) and the car park on Boulevard, there are lifts. There is no lift at the car park in Tramstraat. On Boulevard, right by the beach and close to the shopping area, you find a brand new car park with lifts. It has over 650 spaces: parking garage Boulevard Zeezijde!
Katwijk has one private car park: 'Zeehospitium' exploited bij 'P1'. This garage costs € 1,60 per hour - max. € 8 per day. This garage is open 7:00 to 23:00.   

Want to know if your vehical will be able to enter the garages? These are the heights:
- Parkeergarage Boulevard Zeezijde: 2,10 meter
- Parkeergarage Tramstraat: 2,05 meter
- Parkeergarage Princehaven: 2,05 meter
- Parkeergarage Zeehos: 2,00 meter.

For tourists
For guests staying at hotels, guesthouses or at private accommodation providers, an all day ticket (€ 10) or a week pass (€ 35) for parking garage Boulevard Zeezijde is the most economical solution. You can buy these at the ticket machine (but not in cash unfortunately).  When you get a week pass, you can use your ticket to enter and exit the garage as often as you like throughout your visit. Be beware: there are no reserved parking spaces. When the garage is incidentally full, you won't be able to park here temporarily! 

Parking permit holder areas

Certain areas and streets in the centre are designated permit holder areas where only holders of a parking permit issued by the municipality of Katwijk are allowed to park. Please be aware that these signs are not placed in every single street separately.