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Walking routes

Discover Katwijk on your own. Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch national forestry organisation, has mapped out eight routes in Hollands Duin, which is the area stretching from Wassenaar to Noordwijk and beyond. For example Duinroos and Kattukse Duinroute. In addition, there are several walking routes available which provide descriptions of the natural surroundings.

Some great routes to download for free - (unfortunately these are only available in Dutch)

Treasure hunt with GPS

There are many possibilities when it comes to geocaching in Katwijk. Geocaching is a form of treasure hunt for which you use GPS on your smartphone or tablet. The only thing you need to do before you go geocaching is to download a suitable GPS or geocaching app. The treasure you’re looking for is wrapped up in a waterproof box. You often need to solve puzzles in order to find new coordinates which will bring you closer to this treasure. Geocaching is a fun and free activity that you can do either walking or cycling. Look for geocaches in Katwijk on: