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On this page, you will find fun and delicious tips for discovering and tasting local products from Katwijk and its surroundings!

Katwijkse Knip

"Kattukse Knip" is a delicious sweet and crunchy cookie that, when stored properly in a sealed container, stays fresh for a long time. This is the reason why this cookie became so popular in Katwijk; local fishermen used to take it with them when they went out to sea. In the rest of the Netherlands, "Kattukse Knip" is known as 'Jan Hagel'. Try this cookie at one of the bakeries in Katwijk!

Chocolaterie Visser & Giftshop Steeds aan Zee

At "Steeds aan Zee," you can find "The Katwijk Dictionary," tiles, and mugs with Katwijk expressions, the "Kattuks Kwartet" (a card game), beautiful cards, delicious chocolates from Chocolaterie Visser, and many other fun gifts!


Fresh fish

In the Middle Ages, Katwijkers already set out to the North Sea to catch fish, and they continue to do so today! In Katwijk, you can find many shops and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish. Learn more about the history of fishing and discover tips on locations where you can try some fish while breathing in the healthy sea air.

Fishing village