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exhibition 'Ku(n)st life along the Tide Line'


Katwijks Museum
Voorstraat 46
2225 ER Katwijk aan Zee
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The exhibition shows a selection of some 40 paintings depicting scenes, which took place and take place over an extended period along the coast.

It is a motley event at the tide line: shells, jellyfish, seagulls, driftwood, bottle mail and ..... people.

Emperor Caligula has shells searched at the see-outlet. Jan van Goyen paints the beach in front of the Old Church. Aad dark finds mother and daughter sunbathing on the beach. The tide line has always fascinated beachgoers. Over the centuries to the present day, artists have recorded, often en plein air, the bustling life in and along Katwijk's tide line.

This fascination is one of the foundations of Katwijk as an artists' village. Where along the tide line sea and beach meet, the artist is ready to capture that meeting place colourfully.