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Exhibition: Rescuers at sea - 200 years of KNRM


Katwijks Museum
Voorstraat 46
2225 ER Katwijk aan Zee
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The new exhibition Redders at sea - 200 years of the Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Company will be on display at the Katwijk Museum from 14 April to 25 August.

The Katwijks Museum is hosting an exhibition on personal rescue stories and the history of the Katwijk rescue station. These stories show how volunteers from the KNRM have worked for our safety at sea over the years, including in Katwijk.

The rescue station in Katwijk is one of the oldest of the Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Society (KNRM), founded in 1824. Just one year after the KNRM started, Katwijk received its first lifeboat. It was only in 1827 that the first rescue was carried out.

The exhibition "Rescuers at sea - 200 years KNRM" is part of a series of exhibitions in Dutch museums to celebrate the bicentenary of the KNRM in 2024.


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