Seaside village with character

Katwijk is a seaside village with its own distinct character. Its lovely atmosphere ensures that Katwijk attracts many visitors who return year after year. And for good reason too. In Katwijk, visitors won’t just find traditions, but also the biggest shopping centre right by the sea. Katwijk combines good old-fashioned hospitality with surprising events. Katwijk is a village with all the facilities of a town. What’s more, it is the ideal base from which you can explore the rest of the Bollenstreek, the bulb region of Holland.

Discover Katwijk
There is a lot to discover in Katwijk. Sure, everyone knows about the dunes and the beach, but there is so much more to Katwijk! For instance, you can listen to live music in one of our cafés or music centres every weekend. This music ranges from classical music to pop and (hard) rock. On Katwijk beach, you can participate in a SUP lesson. It is not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a holiday in Katwijk, is it? Of course, Katwijk also has many features that fit its history as a fishing village, such as the ‘watergolfslagfontein’ (wave-generating fountain): the basin next to the Witte Kerk church, where cool waves wash over Andreasplein square every half hour!

Local pride
Dirk Kuyt is the local pride of Katwijk. Born in 1980, he grew up right behind the promenade of Katwijk. Dirk began his career at the local amateur football club Quick Boys and ended up at the Turkish club Fenerbahçe SK via FC Utrecht, Feyenoord and Liverpool. What’s more, he has been capped 104 times so far, during which he managed to score 24 goals! Other famous people from Katwijk are gospel singer Kees Kraaijenoord, musical star John Vooijs and politician Esther Ouwehand. In Rijnsburg, other famous people have been raised such as evangelist and presenter Henk Binnendijk, tennis player Jan Siemerink and formal mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan.

Surprising Katwijk!
Many visitors are surprised when they visit Katwijk. The village offers a lovely, authentic atmosphere combined with events which are well worth attending. The wide range of sights and activities really does stand out! Take, for instance, the popular festivals, music festivals and sports events. Other examples are the Kippen- en Kuikenloop (charity walking event) and the Flower Parade. All these things are a must see when you are visiting Katwijk.