Torenmuseum Oud-Valkenburg

Collection of the Roman heritage displayed

Valkenburg can thank the Romans for a large part of its impressive history. For over 300 years, the Romans guarded the most northern border of their empire from the castellum Praetorium Agrippinae. Valkenburg acquired international fame thanks to its many archaeological digs and finds. Museum Oud-Valkenburg displays a permanent collection of this Roman heritage. The museum also has various exhibitions on Valkenburg-related subjects.

Old Roman castellum
Museum Oud-Valkenburg is situated at the Castellumplein. This square is clearly situated on a mound; the old building ground of the Roman castellum Praetorium Agrippinae. The contours of the castellum are marked in the pavement with copper caps. The old Roman road to the castellum is partly reconstructed as a work of art at the Torenvlietslaan, about 800 meters south of the Castellumplein. The museum is established in a tower with a lift, on the exact location of former Roman castellum. From the tower you have a nice view of the former naval airfield and the old centre. The tower was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1998.

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