Katwijks Museum

Varied art collection about Katwijk

The Katwijk museum is situated in the centre of the village and housed in a large and recently extended building complex. The centre point is a monumental villa that was built for a ship-owner by the architect Jesse (1888-1889) and has been transformed into an exceptionally attractive museum with a varied collection.

Artist's colony Katwijk
Painters have been working in Katwijk from the 16th century onwards, with a peak between 1880 and 1914. During those years, many artists, both from home and abroad, were active in the village. Some of them lived in Katwijk, like Jan Toorop, B.J. Blommers and Willy Sluiter. They played an important part in the growing artist’s colony that consisted mainly of followers of the Hague School. They were fascinated by the lives of fishermen. Paintings, graphic art and sculptures of these artists are exhibited in the permanent collection.

Ship models and traditional Katwijk attire
Temporary exhibitions are organised throughout the year. They involve contemporary artists as well. In the boat hall, a collection of ship models show the development of the fishing boats that were used in Katwijk between 1600 and 1950. There’s also a model of the hospital ship ‘De Hoop II’ that - whenever necessary - came to the aid of the fishermen, and lots of fishing tackle. The traditional Katwijk attire is shown as well. Varying displays give you an idea of the sometimes surprisingly colourful way in which it developed. At the top floor you’ll find a display of Katwijks Roman history. And inside a beach cubicle you can hear the real Katwijk dialect.

Art in the lighthouse
During the summer months you can visit the lighthouse. There’s a small permanent collection about the history of the fire beacon, which dates from 1605. From the top of the tower you’ll have a splendid view.

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