Leave the present for what it is and take a train ride back in time. At Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden you’ll find one of the biggest narrow-gauge collections in Europe. Dozens of original steam and diesel trains, trolleys, lorries and steam trams paint a unique picture of the history of Dutch narrow-gauge railworks. This means of transport was used at brickworks, peat digs and the construction of roads, dykes and canals. They’re part of the National Heritage. 

Train ride in ancient steam locomotive 

The museum also has a large collection of historical film- and photo material and several models from home and abroad. Outside the museum, you can have a lot of fun too. In a train drawn by an ancient steam locomotive you can make a ride around the Valkenburg Lake. The ride takes 45 minutes and is included in the entrance fee. 

Situated at the Valkenburg Lake 
Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden is situated at the Valkenburg Lake. Water sports enthusiasts can bring their surfboards. Around the lake, there’s a large sunbathing area. The Valkenburg Lake offers a variety of walking paths and cycling tracks, as well as a large free parking area.