Dogs love the beach! In Katwijk you are welcome to take your dog(s) with you!

Local addresses

Download our brochure for an up-to-date overwiew of all accommodations, including a mark if dogs are allowed.

Want to stay in one of our Beachhouses? There are four addresses that welcome dogs: Logeren aan Zee, Strandhuisjes Willy Noord, Strandhuisjes Willy Zuid en (in overleg) Key West Strandhuisjes.

If you want to go camping, Holiday Park Koningshof is the place to be. They have a special part of the campsite reserved for dog-lovers!

Visiting the beaches

Between April 1st and October 1st dogs are, on most parts of the beach in Katwijk, only allowed between 7 PM and 9 AM or when the weather conditions aren’t so good: rainy and/or less than 18 degrees Celcius. Between Katwijk and Noordwijk however, north of the beach pavilion ‘Het Wantveld’, you will find a special ‘dog beach’ – dogs are allowed here all day throughout the whole year.

When dogs are allowed they don’t have to be kept on a leash, but you do have to clean up after them.