Undertake a guided tour or discover Katwijk on your own

Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch national forestry organisation, has mapped out eight routes in Hollands Duin, which is the area stretching from Wassenaar to Noordwijk and beyond. For example Duinroos and Kattukse Duinroute. In addition, there are several walking routes available which provide descriptions of the natural surroundings. 


Do-it-yourself-tour Katwijk Coastal Works
The do-it-yourself tour of the Katwijk Coastal Works project will guide you as you stroll through the dunes and along the beach at the Katwijk boulevard: the location where the Katwijk Coastal Works project was constructed between October 2013 and April 2015. Download the tour for free, click here.


Guided walks
Mr Roosjen can guide you on a 1.5-hour walk through Katwijk. The tour can be changed to suit the interests of the participants. The minimum number of participants is four, at a fee of € 5.00 per person. The maximum group size is twenty people, at a fee of € 60.00 per group. Please contact Mr Roosjen via the following email address: leoroosjen@gmail.com


Visit the World War II bunkers
The State Forestry Administration regularly schedules a historic walk through the Rijksdorp bunkercomplex (between Wassenaar and Katwijk) on Saturday mornings and afternoons from May to September. If you participate in such a walk, make sure to bring your flashlight! 
 Access for kids: 6 years and older. Price: kids € 6.50, adults € 10. Please make reservations. Additional information and reservations: 


Treasure hunt with GPS
There are many possibilities when it comes to geocaching in Katwijk. Geocaching is a form of treasure hunt for which you use GPS on your smartphone or tablet. The only thing you need to do before you go geocaching is to download a suitable GPS or geocaching app. The treasure you’re looking for is wrapped up in a waterproof box. You often need to solve puzzles in order to find new coordinates which will bring you closer to this treasure. Geocaching is a fun and free activity that you can do either walking or cycling. Look for geocaches in Katwijk on www.geocaching.nl


Free hiking routes (PDF)

Below are some great routes available to download for free (unfortunately these are only available in Dutch).
Wandelroute De Noordduinen
Wandelroute Kust en Zee
Wandelroute Panbos