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Reconnection Journey


Zuidduinseweg 7
2225 JS Katwijk
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Feel the total surrender of body & mind with matching fragrance treatment! Experience the Reconnection Journey that Paulus, Margeet en Jet will be hosting on December 17th!

During the Reconnection Journey, participants are guided into a deep form of relaxation that involves every sense. For optimal results, the healing journey is professionally guided by spoken text, meditation, singing, mantras, singing bowls/gong baths, gemstones and a Chakra fragrance treatment.

The journey takes place lying down. Yoga mats, sheepskins, meditation cushion and blankets are provided. Bringing your own pillow/blanket is also fine. Dress warmly and comfortably. Feel the total surrender of body & mind with the healing fragrance treatment and beautiful energy in the Sufi Temple. Be immersed in an intimate atmosphere with a limited number of guests, EXPERIENCE & ENJOY !

Live, love, joy, Paul, Margeet and Jet


  • Sunday the 17th of december 2023 from 15:00 to 17:30


  • 35,- euro
  • Payment options: Online