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K&O FOLK - 4Reel

4Reel is a "Celtic" band with a unique vibe. In addition to songs and instrumentals from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, the quartet also showcases a fine stock of their own work.

4Reel's repertoire consists mostly of pieces from Celtic regions, where the band has chosen to arrange often lesser-known gems from the rich musical tradition in a special way. Their own songs fit seamlessly among the traditional material.

The instrumentation is also highly original: in addition to flatback bouzouki, guitar, accordion, tinwhistle and double bass, 4Reel often uses hurdy-gurdy and nyckelharpa. In addition, fiddler Jos' main instrument is not a violin but a viola d'amore.

The strength of 4Reel lies largely in its lineup: the dyed-in-the-wool old hands Leo de Kruis and Jos Koning with constant opposition from the open-minded "out of the boxers" of a younger generation: Lonneke Knegtel and Alieke Verburg. This combination guarantees inspired music and sparkling performances. In February '23, 4Reel released their first CD: "Days flow by" which received many rave reviews.


  • Stage opens 8 PM.


  • Adults€16.00