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Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Theater with Ernest Beuving (So long Cohen)

In late 2016, Leonard Cohen passed away who, with his dark voice and beautiful lyrics, captivated generations. 'So long Cohen' features the best-known songs of this charismatic Canadian folk singer, composer and poet.

In addition, "So long Cohen" is a journey of discovery into who Leonard Cohen really was.

Ernest Beuving sings and searches for Cohen. This search he does partly in a cabaretesque way. For instance, through his imitations, he allows numerous caricatured table hosts to join the search; from Maarten van Rossem and Nico Dijkshoorn to Bob Dylan and Armand, among others.

During the show, the bar will be closed and no pool tables and darts will be rented.


  • Free It is expected that there will be quite a number of visitors to this performance, which means that the principle of "full is full" comes into effect. To get around this, it is possible to purchase a reservation ticket for 12.50 euros. For this you will receive two 5 euro coins at the entrance. Being on time is a prerequisite otherwise the reserved spot will be given away.