Historical buildings in Katwijk, Rijnsburg en Valkenburg

Katwijk has no old historic centre but does have a surprising number of interesting monuments spread across the different village centres.

Katwijk aan Zee
Situated on the promenade are Andreaskerk (a church dating from ca. 1460) and De Vuurbaak lighthouse (1605). Towards the centre, you will find Nieuwe Kerk (1887), a church designed by architect Jesse, and in the dunes, a water tower (1878) as well as several bunker complexes from the Second World War.

Katwijk aan den Rijn
Katwijk aan den Rijn is a very characterful village, with many buildings from the 18th century. Most of these are located in the area around the Dorpskerk (15th century church). You can also find De Geregtigheid mill (1740) in Katwijk aan den Rijn.

Rijnsburgā€™s best known monument is N.H. Kerk (1578), with its church tower even dating back to 12th century. In addition, you can find many characterful buildings in and around the village centre.

Valkenburg was originally a Roman settlement. You can still find traces of this time in several places around the village. The most northerly road of the Roman Empire, the Limes, used to run through present-day Valkenburg and Katwijk. Along the N206 in Valkenburg, part of this road has been reconstructed. In addition, Valkenburg has a few farms from 18th and 19th century.

All in all, there are a large number of monuments of all shapes and sizes to enjoy in Katwijk.